Intercultural Studies

Intercultural Studies (15 hours) + Activities

This course is delivered in English (English level required: B1+/Intermediate).

Develop skills to connect and communicate with people from around the world

  • Develop skills and knowledge to become culturally competent

  • Build self-confidence and develop important social and life skills

  • Focus on developing your speaking and listening skills to communicate effectively in real life situations

  • Explore the meaning and value of cultural diversity and exchange

  • Think critically about issues of identity, culture and our relationship to others and the natural world

  • Build lasting friendships through activities and challenges focusing on cooperation and communication

It has never been more urgent to think about what it means to be a citizen of a shared world. Our innovative Intercultural Studies programme explores a fascinating and important subject: how we relate to one another personally, culturally and in connection to nature. Through a varied and engaging mixture of group discussion, activities and challenges—designed to promote “Learning by Doing”—we aim to empower participants to work together to appreciate and shape their common world for the better.


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